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Pacific Theatre [ edit]

Its capture would also be an ideological victory due to the fact that Stalingrad bore the name of Joseph Stalin. A crucial battle in the Hundred Years’ War between France and England, it was led by the fabled Joan of Arc and was her first military victory at the height of English power. Exceptionally intense shelling and bombing paved the way for the German assault groups.

Top 10 Battles of World War II

The response by the Wehrmacht was both chaotic and indecisive. This battle became an epic story when due to treachery, the Persians were able to go behind the Greek lines, forcing Leonidas along with 300 Spartans, 900 Helots, 400 Thebans and 700 Thespians to give their last stand against the massive Persian forces in a pass in Thermopylae. The three-day battle, which had a death toll of 50,000 Americans, was the inspiration for the famous speech of then President Abraham Lincoln, The Gettysburg Address.

China Front [ edit]

Though the British forces’ losses were heavy, they were still able to establish their naval supremacy in the 18th century. Though it culminated in the death of 4,000 English and 2,000 French, it was a well-known fact that Joan of Arc has rescued her country from succumbing to the same fate as the Irish. After the Red Army had prevailed at Moscow, the Eastern Front had stabilized in line running from Leningrad to Rostov near the Black Sea.

The Battle of Zama: 202 BC

Led by King Leonidas of Sparta, the Athenians and Spartans combined forces with other 29 city-states with only 10,000 warriors to fight off the invading colossal armies of King Xerxes. Strategic scenario was unfortunate for us because of anti-aircraft ant anti-tank artillery shortage, and some divisions were low on ammo.

What Was the Battle of the Bulge?

Its capture would disrupt commercial river traffic. The victory of Charles Martel led to the preservation of Christianity in Europe, which may not have been the case given a different outcome to this critical battle. The 4th Panzer Army, ordered south on 13 July to block the Soviet retreat “weakened by the 17th Army and the 1st Panzer Army”, had turned northwards to help take the city from the south.:28, 30, 40, 48, 57 To the south, was pushing far into the Caucasus, but their advance slowed as supply lines grew overextended. Initially, supply flights came in from the field at ,:159 called ‘Tazi’ by the German pilots.

Battle of Stalingrad

During the night of 8 August, the Japanese Navy surprised the Allied warships and sank one Australian and three American cruisers. At this point the Germans probably could have fought their way out, but Hitler would not allow them to: they were ordered to hold their ground at all costs.

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About fifty Red Army defenders, cut off from resupply, held the position for five days and fought off ten different assaults before running out of ammunition and water. On 23 August the 6th Army reached the outskirts of Stalingrad in pursuit of the and 64th Armies, which had fallen back into the city. Of his questions to Army Group Don, Paulus was told, “Wait, implement Operation ‘Thunderclap’ only on explicit orders!” Operation Thunderclap being the code word initiating the breakout.:132–33, 138–143, 150, 155, 165 On 23 December, the attempt to relieve Stalingrad was abandoned and Manstein’s forces switched over to the defensive to deal with new Soviet offensives.:153 As Zhukov states, “The military and political leadership of Nazi Germany sought not to relieve them, but to get them to fight on for as long possible so as to tie up the Soviet forces. Of the 120 tanks the Soviets had committed, 30 were lost to air attack.:75 Soviet operations were constantly hampered by the Luftwaffe. In that basement […] There were still two hundred Germans—dying of hunger and frostbite. “We haven’t had time to deal with them yet,” one of the Russians said. “They’ll be taken away tomorrow, I suppose.” And, at the far end of the yard, besides the other cesspool, behind a low stone wall, the yellow corpses of skinny Germans were piled up – men who had died in that basement—about a dozen wax-like dummies.